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Monday, 10 November 2008


Dear students:

I've recently received this message from another EOI teacher inviting us to use her phonetics blog:

Hi Leticia;
I'm Ana López Pozo,a phonetics teacher trainer and an English teacher at an EOI.We did an on-line course together last year, remember?
I like your blog and would like to invite you to use mine, Alpozo phonetics blog http://allphonetics.blogspot.com/ with your students if you wish. The activities are all based on songs, and cover most sounds of the phonetic alphabet. Apart from different charts to practice sounds individually, you can also use the phonetic transciber, one of the tools I've recently inserted in the blog.
Bye for now,

I've added a link to Ana's blog under the section "Interesting Blogs" so that you can enter it and practice with all the exercises she's posted there.

I really think it can help you improve your pronunciation and understanding of the English language in an amusing way.

So, mates, have fun and see you soon!

1 comment:

Ana López Pozo said...

Nice of you Leticia!
I really hope your students will take full advantage of your classes, which I'm sure will be fun and profiting for them, as well of the new technological improvements we're able to offer today.
My regards to all of them,