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Wednesday, 12 November 2008

our class vocabulary

Dear students:
We have a scribe (escriba) in Básico 2A who is going to record all the new words you want to learn during our activities.

She has started her work very quickly and here you can see what she has done.


Hello Letícia,
I'm Conchi (2º A), I leave you the new words that appeared during the class 10th of November.
- Speech Bubble
- Sculpture
- Sending a sms
- Dialling a number
- Look after
- Ballot
- Sorrow
- Clause
- Try on
- Bell boy
- Garlic
This is all for now
See you
AH!! Congratulation for your blogs, I like it!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Leticia,
Here you are a song, I hope that you like it, and we all together to sing it in class.

Have a good time!!

Best whishes
Conchi (2º A)


PS: I haven't your e-mail

Leticia González Cepeda said...
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Leticia González Cepeda said...

Thanks a lot Conchi!!

I'll give you my email address next day in class (because I think it's not a good idea to post it here due to spam dangers and that type of thing).

See you!

Anonymous said...

Hello Leticia, what's new?
Here you are the new words of this week. They aren't meny, but...

-Look up
See you