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Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Hi dear students

here you are a proposal by David, from B1-B... which ones do you prefer?:

Let's go Don't fuck me
Vamos no me jodas

From lost to the river
De perdidos al rio

The mother who gave birth to him
La madre que lo pario

Sissy the last
Marica el ultimo

For if the flies
Por si las moscas

Great sissy the last
Maricon el ultimo

Everywhere they boil beans
En todas partes cuecen habas

Composed and without girlfriend

Compuesto y sin novia

Go out by legs
Salir por piernas

If I have seen you I don't remember
Si te he visto no me acuerdo

Switch off and let's go
Apaga y vamonos

It is not turkey mucus
No es moco de pavo

It sweats me
Me la suda

That if you want rice Catherine

Que si quieres arroz Catalina

Shit little parrot
Cagate lorito


Another who such dance

Otro que tal baila

To another thing butterfly
A otra cosa mariposa

What of-taylor
Que desastre

Among whistles and flutes
Entre pitos y flautas

Like water of May
Como agua de Mayo

To fuck the female pig
Joder la marrana

Marking parcel
Marcando paquete

To put in a cigar
Meter un puro

My happiness in a hole
Mi gozo en un pozo

Sissy beach
Marica playa


It finished what it was given
Se acabo lo que se daba

To go by the Ubeda's mountains
Irse por los cerros de Ubeda

You see less than Joseph Milks
Ves menos que Pepe Leches

Until then Lucas
Hasta luego Lucas

What brown
Que marron

The gold that shited the Arabian man
El oro que cago el moro

What so doggish life
Que vida tan perra

You shited Burt Lancaster
La cagaste Burt Lancaster

You roll yourself like a window blinde
Te enrollas como una persiana

Go away to frie asparagous
Vete a freir esparragos

Send eggs
Manda huevos

Who sings his bads frightens
Quien canta sus males espanta

It peals me it
Me la pela

Good of the Paraguay
Guai del Paraguay

You hallucinate little cucumbers
Alucinas pepinillos


I don't give foot with ball
No doy pie con bola

My pan has gone
Se me ha ido la olla

You have more tale than little street
Tienes mas cuento que calleja

Neither fu nor fa
Ni fu ni fa

To make the Mongolian man
Hacer el mongolo

You are more silly than arse's hair that see the shit comming and don't move away
Eres mas tonto que los pelos del culo que ven caer la mierda y no se apartan

I can't with my soul
No puedo con mi alma


Anonymous said...

Hi Leticia,
What it is? ¡qué osados sois! (lo puedes traducir si gustas) qué gracia con lo que me he encontrado al abrir el blog ¡uy! perdón estoy escribiendo en mi lengua.
What funny! I love this ideas, but Do you think that this phrases are comun you use??? sorry for my english.


Leticia González Cepeda said...

Hi Maika!

I'm glad that you find this funny! :D

If I'm not mistaken, it's from a book called "From Lost to the River" which is the literal translation of "De Perdidos al Río"

Of course English people don't speak like that and they wouldn't understand us saying these expressions! but it just makes fun to do it!

See you later,

Anonymous said...

Hi Leticia and class mates,
This week I forgot to write down the news worlds, but... ya que estamos viendo en clase (I'm sorry, Ja,ja,ja) conversations at airport, here you are something that you must never say:
-Do you have anything to declare?
-I have nothing to declare excepr my genius.
-Don't be so cheeky with these American customs officers.
-We need you to give us your finger prints.
-Why? Don't you have your own ones?
-Did you pack your luggage yourself?
-No, I let a couple of terrorists do it Of course I did it myself! Who questions you ask!
-That's it! A full body search whith rubber gloves!!

-¿Algo que declarar?
-No tengo nada que declarar excepto mi genio.
-No seas tan fresco con estos aduaneros estadounidenses.
-Necesitamos que nos den sus huellas dactilares.
-¿Por qué? ¿No tenéis las vuestras propias?
-¿Hizo usted mismo su equipaje?
-No, dejé a un par de terroristas hacerlo ¿por supuesto qe lo hice yo mismo! ¡Que preguntas hacéis!
-¡Ya está! ¡Un registro completo a esta persona con guantes de goma!!

Have care with the jokes. They can be a danger

See you

Leticia González Cepeda said...


thanks a lot Conchi!