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Monday, 11 January 2010

No class today!

Dear B1 and That's English students,

Just in case you don't know, there's no class today because of the snow.

But you can practice some English anyway!

Go to the link below to watch a video from BBC News about this Snowfall in Europe:


(You'll see it just in the centre of your screen, its title is SNOWFALL CAUSES CHAOS AROUND THE WORLD)

Try to think about the following comprehension questions:

- What happened to drivers in Germany?
- How many people have died in Poland?
- How many centimetres of snow have been predicted in Eastern and Southern parts of Britain?
- What has Gordon Brown said about gas supplies and salt?
- Which country is mentioned next?
- Can you mention some of the problems in China?

Now this piece of news is really kind of... negative. What's your own experience with snow? I love it! Just walking and looking at the landscape, having some snowball fights... maybe you like skiing or doing snowmen...

Have a nice day and enjoy!

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