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Friday, 13 March 2009


Hello everybody!

Our Básico 1 classmates have some top activities to do in Spanish cities...

Do you like their ideas?


Anonymous said...

The persons that we were forming the group we were: Paqui, Pilar, Mercedes, Antonio and Sergio


This one is my city and I want that you come to visit her.

Go to the top of Sierra Nevada because there is a spectacular view.

Go down the old town, visit a lot of bars.

Go out in Albahicin.

Go to a spectacular Cathedral.

Go to a show: flamenco in the Sacromonte’s caves .

There are a lot of famous places to visit: the Carmenes in printem , Generalife garden , Mirador of San NICOLAS , the chuch la Cartuja, los Jeronimos....

Go to ski to Sierra Nevada, I sumbatche here.

I hope that you like my city.

Anonymous said...

Hello, We are Cristina, Maria José, Mercedes, Bel, Laura y Emma.
The top five things to do in Aranjuez:

1-- Go to visit the Royal Palace.
There are big rooms with spectacular lamps.
2-- Go down Princes' gardens: There are a lot of trees, beautiful fontaines, squirells and peacok.
3-- Go out in Postas street:
There are a lot of pub, restarurants and tables out.
4-- Go to a bullfight:
This is a old bullring. Where you can see very famous bullfighters.
5-- Go for a run in Queens's street:
There' s a 4 kilometres running track around the garden

Anonymous said...

We are Bel, Laura, Emma.
The top five thing to do in Fuenterrabia:

1-- Go to visit the old town and to walk of the norrow street
2--Go to the beach
3--Go to the top of the Jaizkibel mountain
4--Go out to "La Marina". It has a lot of little pub
5--Go to Fancia in a boat

Anonymous said...


1- Go to the top of Sacyr-Vallehermoso tower.
There´s a spectacular view of Madrid.

2- Go down Serrano street.
There are a lot of places to visit and buy: Armani, Chanel, Loewe, H&M, Los Orellana.

3- Go for run in Retiro.
Where you can sail on little boat too and the thieves flee at night.

4- Go out in Cascorro.
There is a flea market on Sundays in the morning and go for a walk in Cava street.

5- Go to a show!
There are about 10 cinemas and 11 theatres on Gran Vía street. Something for everyone.
We are Alfonso, María and Nines.
Regards Suzanna.