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Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Important Information

Hello everybody! Your classmate "DVD" from group B2-A has left this comment for you in our blog:

Hello Leticia and the other students! I´m a student of basic "a" and I just want to tell you that i´ve found some important files that may help us. For example, for the people who wants it, I have the book "Girl On a Motorcycle" in .pdf to print or just to read on the PC. I also have visual dictionaries and other books to read that are so interesting. If you think that is a good idea to give it to you and share with the other students, just tell me and i will send it all to your e-mail. See you in class Leticia!

Thank you very much for your information!

I will try to bring the classlist you did (with your personal information) so that you have your classmates' emails and you can send them all the files you've found.

See you in class!


DVD said...

Ok, you can also send me the classlist to my email: Sn4k3_E4t3r@hotmail.com and i will begin to send some things to the people. I will try that they enter here, its a interesting blog where we can speak and leave messages. See ya!

Emma said...

Hi Leticia I´m Emma of first B. Tomorrow(Monday 3 of november 2008) I can´t go to the class, because my husband work all day and I have to stay with my children-

I´m sorry.

Leticia González Cepeda said...

Hi Emma

Don't worry if you can't come to class and thanks for telling me.

See you soon!