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Monday, 26 May 2008

One of the Lads

Hi everyone

Tomorrow we will deal with your last story from Frozen Pizza, so here you are a review about One of the Lads by Mariló from group L

The title of this story is ‘One of the Lads’ and it suggests a story about a gang of young boys who study in the same school.

The story is about Luke Thomas, a Chelsea supporter who belongs to a gang of troublemakers: Luke himself, Big Dave, Mick, Gerry and Steve.

Luke copies the rest of the gang so completely that his teachers and his parents believe that he is the same as the others. None of them pass any exams so they leave school without any qualifications, but Luke decides that he wants to be a carpenter and so his new teachers and his parents are very pleased and proud of his work. However he can’t share out this feeling with the gang because “the lads”, as they call themselves, only think and talk about fights.

One day, they decide to visit Amsterdam and watch England - Holland, and this day everything changes for Luke. He decides to go back home and accept a job from a handmade furniture company. He hadn’t said yes yet because I had known that the lads wouldn’t agree to it.

As regards the story's linguistic interest, the author‘s style is informal. She uses everyday words in the dialogues and a lot of adjectives in descriptions, for example: “Dave put his glass down firmly on the table that was damp with spilt beer”.

Some new words I’ve learnt from the story are:

  • Verbs: mutter (murmurar), swear (jurar), nodded (asentir con la cabeza).
  • Noun: crowd (tumulto).

I like this story very much because it’s about a teenager who decides to change the things that doesn’t like in his life and abandon the gang.

I recommend this book to all type of persons that think that changing their lives is very difficult

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