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Monday, 28 April 2008

Frozen Pizza

Hi everybody

I hope you had time to read the short story Frozen Pizza. If not, this great review by Carolina (group L) will help you for sure.

I’m going to write about one of the stories I read: “Frozen Pizza”. When I read the title of the story I couldn’t imagine what the chapter was about. I thought that it was only about junk food. But at the end I realised that there was an important thing in that story: the family.

In the story there is a young man who went to England to improve his English. He thought that living in a family would help him improve his English, but when he arrived at the house he saw that he should have stayed at university. The family was very strange. They didn’t talk to each other and they didn’t even meet up for dinner. The next day the young man went to the university housing office and he moved out because he didn’t like them. But the woman who lived in the house didn’t understand why.

The author’s style is informal and easy. I hardly used the dictionary. Moreover, the story is interesting and funny and I liked it very much. I liked the situation in the bedroom and in the kitchen with the woman, it’s fantastic! Poor young man!

As regards this story’s linguistic interest, I’ve learned some new words such as “stencil” which the woman explains to the young man. She tells him: “It’s like a thick piece of paper with shapes cut out and you stick it on the wall and paint inside the shapes”. The sentence that grabbed my attention is at the end of the story: “Unsuitable, except for independent teenagers. Note: no conversation practice, no home meal, frozen pizza” In my opinion, that sentence sums up the story perfectly.

I liked the story because that could happen. I have some friends that had a similar experience abroad. The other stories in the book are interesting too, although I didn’t like all of them. I think that some of them are boring.

In conclusion, I would recommend this book to people who want to improve their English because the language is easy and colloquial.

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