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Thursday, 18 October 2007

Tongue Twisters. What's your favourite one?

Hi everybody:

Here you are the tongue twisters you created last Tuesday. You can listen to them just by clicking on the play button. If you want, you can say which tongue twister is your favourite one!


-Red team (sound /t/)

Tom the Teacher teaches Taichi in the train in the town on Tuesdays at teatime because he travels without tie all the time and he toils without totting.

-Green team (sound /l/)

Laura Lancelot lost her lorry in London at luch because she was lying in the lake.

-Blue team (sound /d/)

Donald the duck did the dinner in the dark dinging room during the day because the light is dead in the dirty kitchen.

- Yellow team (sound /p/)

Peter Pettigrew painted a picture with a purple pencil in the park previous April because he's a perfectly poor person.


- Red team (sound /k/)

Ken the King is cooking chicken in the kitchen at the weekend because the chicken kicked the kitten.

-Green team (sound /t/)

Tom the tiger teaches tennis on the top of the toy town tomorrow Tuesday because he told to Troy twice to take the tool.

-Blue team (sound /p/)

Peter Pettigrew painted a pink pig peach in a place called 'park' in the past because the painters were packing potatoes.

-Yellow team (sound /s/)

Sylvia the snake saw the sun in the sky on a Sunday in September because the sun was shining.

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